The Beginning of the End

March 25, 2018

I guess I should first introduce myself, I’m Alli Bennett, born and raised a Bossler in the heart of Steeler country. I have been compared to the likings of a baby chick, Bubbles, a Hobbit, and Elle Woods . I am an avid reader, a terrible cook, and I love crispy waffles. My dream job is to be a member of the Spice Girls and the only sport I was ever good at was competitive swimming. I’m a Marvel comic nerd and I like to look at my feet when I walk.  

Now that that’s out of the way you should know that I was never a football fan. Did I dress in the jerseys to make my dad happy? Sure. Did I watch the Super Bowl every year? Sure, but only for the commercials and the food. I come from a long line of Steelers fans, especially on my dad’s side. The only thing that disappointed my dad more than me not being a football fan was the fact that I was registered Libertarian. I remember being eight years old and going to a family football party, the game was Steelers vs. Dolphins. My mom’s family was dressed in their Dolphins gear and my family’s wardrobe was the black and gold. I remember my dad leaving at half time to get pizza and my mom playing a cruel joke on him and dressing my brother and me in Dolphin garb…when my dad came back there was fury in his eyes. The event is still a sore spot today.

I lived my whole life not caring about football. I was that girl saying, ‘Hmmm, those men look great in their tight spandex pants or that guy is a hottie with a body.’ Other than those pants and those heart-wrenching ESPN human interest stories, Sundays during football season were TORTURE. I HATED football. All was fine and dandy until one day, I started dating Nick, my awesome husband. Nick and I had one ginormous problem, Nick LOVED football!
dynasty dadsNOOOOOOO!!!! I thought I escaped, I thought I was done with this crap. I thought I’d never have to watch a football game again. The thing is I had to watch MORE football than before, WAY, WAY more, like every freaking game: college & professional. After like two years of this, something happened, I realized, all of a sudden, I knew players names, I knew what holding was, and after some explaining, I figured out what first, second, third, and fourth down meant. The fact that I even wanted it explained to me meant I CARED. AHHHH! I cared about football. I started asking scores and more questions and even watching ESPN and NBC Sports Network, like Dan Patrick would be on and I wouldn’t turn the channel. What was going on with me??  I felt like I got bit by a radioactive spider. When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I took a trip to Seattle for a friend’s wedding, this was when Seattle was going to the Super Bowl, there was Seahawks crap everywhere, it was unavoidable. There I was in the middle of Pike’s Market and my heart felt warm and happy by all the comradery. All these people could disagree on politics, religion, etc. but they were all Seahawks fans and I loved every minute of it. The Super Bowl came around that year and Seattle made that terrible play, like the worst play I have ever seen in my life and they lost the game. I was devastated….DEVASTATED. Who was I???? Why did I feel sad for Russell Wilson?? Why did I all of a sudden admire Pete Carroll as a coach and not just as an adorable man???  Why did I even know their names???

So fast forward to present day and I have just accepted the fact that I now kind of like football. I kind of enjoy the game. I am living my life by the cliché, ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’ So, this series is my take on football. It’s football through the eyes of a woman. Please enjoy!

Alli Bennett

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