Sony Michel

Rookie Watch:  Sony Michel

Sony Michel

Alright, let’s get this out of the way now.  I have a total man-crush on Sony Michel.  It’s only January, but Michel is climbing NFL scout draft boards, and he should be climbing yours as well.  Just the other day, I moved him up to the top 8 of my personal rookie rankings.

I think Sony can fit just about any scheme.  He seems “NFL ready.”  This Bulldog is a violent runner, confident pass catcher, and has enough speed to break any play for a long gain.  Furthermore, Michel can pass block effectively, and that’s HUGE in the NFL.  He may not be best in class, but if you can block as a running back, you're likely to see playing time.  On top of that, if you’ve watched him play, you know his ability to change direction is electrifying.  Michel is the type of player most offensive coordinators would salivate over.

While college stats don’t always tell the whole story, they do help paint a picture.  Sony Michel, who played in the SEC, finished 1st in the conference with rushing yards per carry (7.5) as a senior.  Michel also scored an impressive 17 TD’s from scrimmage the same season.  I know Georgia had a productive year that fell short, but those individual numbers cannot be ignored.


While the ground is starting to swell, a nice combine will really increase the buzz in the dynasty community.  I feel confident in saying Sony Michel’s stock will continue to rise up to the NFL Draft.  While the landing spot could hurt his value as a rookie, I’m not sure if that’d be enough to sway me from his ranking on my Top 50.  I would be excited to see him drafted to the Lions or Buccaneers, but, thanks to nature of the position, we may have to wait until Day 2 of the draft.  For more information on Sony Michel and the rest of the 2018 Draft Class, keep it locked on the Dynasty Dads Podcast.


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