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February 25, 2018

Are you a bargain hunter? Does your brain instinctively scan the aisles for those little yellow tags that promise major savings? Do you buy your clothes at the end of the season so you can stockpile hooded sweatshirts for pennies on the dollar? Do you frequent the "free" section of Craigslist and the sample stations at Costco? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then hopefully you're applying that same thriftiness when building your fantasy team. One of the biggest hurdles many dynasty owners face is looking beyond the star players of today, the ones basking in the glow of the neon arrows pointing to their magnificent stat lines from the past season. That's not to say those guys shouldn't also be on your radar, but don't be afraid to dig a little deeper. For a moment, allow me to divert your attention away from that shiny display case featuring last season's fantasy darlings as we get our hands dirty burrow through the bargain bin. They may not be the talk of the town, but you may want to consider getting these guys onto your roster for the low, low price of almost nothing.

Spencer Ware

Just a year ago, it looked like the Chiefs had found the successor to Jamaal Charles. Spencer Ware racked up 1368 total yards and five TDs in 2016, but his day in the sun was cut short by a torn PCL in the 2017 preseason. Enter Kareem Hunt, who any non-insane person would have to agree is the team's de facto top dog after an electrifying -- if inconsistent -- rookie season. So what happens to Ware? Well, there are a couple options. Kansas City could turn their backfield into a two-headed beast with Hunt and Ware operating in a Demarco Murray/Derrick Henry "thunder and thunder" type of split to keep the pressure off inexperienced QB Patrick Mahomes. Or, with a bevy of running backs on the roster (Hi, Charcandrick!), they could ship one off to an RB-needy team for a nice chunk of change. While your league mates are exploring trades for Hunt or salivating over Saquon Barkley, you can pick up a pretty solid running back for next to nothing.

Devontae Booker

It looks like C.J. Anderson will be out of Denver soon enough, which could be good news for Devontae Booker, who looks primed to step up into the role of lead back. The coaching staff is still high on Booker, which may surprise some seeing as he looked pretty rough in the games where he was given a chance to be "the guy." Booker started 6 games in 2016 and never managed to crack 100 yards in a day, averaging 58 yards per game and barely 3.0 yards per carry. But let's be fair: That was his rookie season, and Denver's O-line wasn't creating much space for the young runner to work with. If the Broncos can find a solid right tackle in the draft, Booker's workload alone could ensure a decent stat total this season.

AJ McCarron

Now is the time to start collecting players with big upside. There are a lot of unknowns this time of the year -- free agency can send players like McCarron anywhere, and you never know what their supporting cast is going to look like come September. Still, McCarron's an enticing quarterback if you were rostering guys like Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, Tyrod Taylor, or Andrew Luck this past season. In the 3 games McCarron has started, he finished with 854 yards and 6 TDs. Pro-rated for a full season, he was on pace for more than 4,500 yards and 32 TDs. You want those kind of numbers on your roster, and if there's a chance of getting them for a song, you need to jump on it. And before you protest "What do you really know about a quarterback's talent after only 3 games?", let your mind drift to a guy named Jimmy Garoppolo.
Teddy Bridgewater Dynasty Dads

Teddy Bridgewater

There's a lot of chatter in Minnesota about who's going to be leading the Vikings on offense. It could be any of the 3 quarterbacks they have on the roster right now...or it could be none of them. Case Keenum is coming off a magical season, but Bridgewater is the guy Minnesota believed could lead them into the future just before suffering that bummer of an ACL injury in 2016. Granted, two years away from the league is a long time, but Bridgewater is young and looked like a QB whose arrow was pointing up. It's possible someone in your league has held onto Bridgewater for his two years of inactivity, but I bet they'd be willing to part in exchange for a pretty meager sum.

Quincy Enunwa

Enunwa enjoyed a breakout campaign in 2016 but was lost for the 2017 season after having neck surgery. Don't worry, it sounds a lot scarier than it is. Enunwa is slated to be fully recovered by training camp, which comes at the perfect time for the Jets, because it's a very real possibility Robby "Felony Charges" Anderson is MIA for a large portion of the season. Enunwa was sniffing 1,000 yards in his last full season, so if he returns as the No 1 receiving option in New York -- which, again, is pretty likely -- there's no reason for you not to roster him.

Geronimo Allison

The Packers just paid Davante Adams handsomely to make him their undisputed No 1 receiver. Unfortunately, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are each set to make about $12.5 million this next year, as well, which is a whole lotta money to spend on a receiving corp. It's possible one or both take a pay cut to stay in Green Bay, but it's more likely Aaron Rodgers will have to say goodbye to one of his favorite weapons. And since Green Bay is all about draft-and-develop, expect them to draft another receiver in the middle rounds to bring in more competition while working with Geronimo Allison to make an Adams-esque jump in his third year. The undrafted free agent has flashed major potential on occasion, averaging 7 catches for 78 yards in the 4 games he's started with Rodgers under center. Allison is lightning fast and can burn defenders on the outside, which could elevate him to a DeSean Jackson type of role next year.

Trey Burton

This one really hedges on whether or not Burton is able to leave the Eagles for a team that can actually use his talents more than once a month. Philadelphia is stacked at the position, which is why Burton was stuck at third on the depth chart behind Zach Ertz and Brent Celek in 2017. But make no mistake, Burton would be a beast of a receiver if he goes elsewhere, and he certainly projects to be a sought-after free agent. Burton was Top 5 at his position in touchdowns and catch percentage (74 percent! For a tight end!), all while averaging almost 11 yards per catch. Oh, he also racked up 5 TDs despite only being listed as the starter in 1 game. It's clear this guy just needs an opportunity somewhere, and if he lands in a spot like Washington or Seattle -- both teams/quarterbacks that love targeting tight ends -- Burton will be a heck of an asset.

Adam Shaheen

The receiving group in Chicago looks like the survivors at the end of a post-apocalyptic action movie: dusty, tired, and desperately in need of salvation. And since it's impossible to tell whether any of them will be any good this year, you might be better off putting your faith in 2nd-year tight end Adam Shaheen. You won't find anything too titillating in his stat sheet, but with fellow TE Zach Miller becoming a free agent, Mitchell Trubisky and the offense getting a kickstart from new head coach Matt Nagy, and the aforementioned sad state of the receiving corp, I like the chances for this big-bodied, athletic tight end.
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