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AT&T Stadium - Home of the 2018 NFL Draft

Top 50 Rookie Rankings

There are so many factors that go into ranking rookies for dynasty owners.  College statistics, combine performance, off the field "issues," to name a few.  However, none of these should ever outweigh the eye test.  Does the wide receiver run good routes?  Does the running back keep his eyes up when running through traffic?  How does the quarterback respond to pressure when the pocket is collapsing?  You get the point.  I mention this because over the next few months, we will all be slammed with rookie talk and (mostly) hype.  Some warranted, some not.  While it is easy to get excited about a player, I urge all dynasty owners to second guess themselves before they drop a player on their personal rookie draft board.  Remember, landing spot and combine scores are only pieces of the puzzle.

With that being said, there is only one player that I truly believe will remain the 1.01 on my rankings from here until preseason.  That player is Saquon Barkley.  The Penn State running back is high on everyone's rankings right now, and rightfully so, but it wouldn't shock me if some of the dynasty community waiver and drop him to 1.02 for some silly reason.  Barkely's play on the field has solidified my hopes for him regardless of his combine performance or landing spot.

As we draw closer to the NFL draft, these rankings will surely move around a bit.  Keep it locked here and listen to the podcast to hear me tell Matt how wrong he is.  You can also take a look at my top 225 Dynasty Rankings to see where my board is prior to the 2018 rookie class.

Mark your calendars.  The NFL Draft begins in Arlington, Texas on April 26.

Justin Williams


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