2018 Free Agents

The offseason is here!  One of the biggest dates for dynasty owners to know is March 14, 2018.  Why?  Because that is the day the 2018 Free Agents are available for NFL teams to sign.  There are plenty of big names on this list that are surely owned in your leagues.  Be ahead of the game, know who’s coming, and who’s going, and react accordingly!

Below, you will find my notes on all of the most notable unrestricted free agent QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, and TE’s.  Keep in mind, there will be cuts (oh, hey, Doug Martin), but this is a great place to start as these guys are all currently scheduled to hit the open market.

As always, let us know what you think via the comments section below, or hit us up on Twitter.  Be sure to listen to the podcast for updated cuts and signings as well as reactions from Matt Renshaw and myself.

-Justin Williams

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Drew Brees Dynasty DadsDrew BreesSaintsWhile Drew Brees is 39 years old, he is still playing at a high level and is beloved by New Orleans fans. That love seems to go both ways as Brees has stated that he wants to play for the Saints in 2018. Could this be a way to pressure the ownership into re-signing him? Perhaps. But it's difficult to imagine the 11x Pro Bowl-er on any other team. If Brees is to retire, or sign somewhere else, the entire New Orleans Saints offense takes a bit of a hit.
Kirk Cousins Dynasty DadsKirk CousinsRedskinsThe 'Skins have placed the franchise tag on Mr. Cousins the past two seasons. While Cousins has produced, it seems 50/50 at best to expect Kirk to re-sign with Washington. At the very least, it'll take one hell of a pay day. The former 4th round pick is only 29 and has thrown 25+ in touchdowns in each of the past 3 seasons. Kirk Cousins will attract many teams this offseason and would be considered a massive upgrade to some.
Case Keenum Dynasty DadsCase KeenumVikingsIf you ask me, Case Keenum is the best QB in Minnesota. He'll only be 30 years young in 2018, and has carried the Vikings to what seemed like a lost season early. With Keenum and the Vikes making it so deep into the playoffs, there should be mutual interest in getting a deal done. For dynasty owners of Thielen or Diggs, Keenum in 2018 should be what you're hoping for. Who would've thought Keenum would be this good?
Teddy Bridgewater Dynasty DadsTeddy BridgewaterVikingsIf you haven't realized by now, the Vikings don't have a quarterback on payroll for 2018. While Teddy was a 1st round pick in 2014, and has shown promise, he simply got passed up by Keenum and Bradford in his absence. Remember, when Sam Bradford and Teddy were healthy, Bridgewater was the healthy scratch. Teddy will find a job in the NFL next season, but it'll be interesting to see which NFL team wants to have him be the face of their franchise. Bridgewater may have to sign a "prove it" deal with a club to really improve his stock in 2019.
Sam Bradford Dynasty DadsSam BradfordVikingsBradford cost the Vikings a 1st and 4th round pick in 2016, but he rewarded them with one of the greatest seasons statistically in franchise history. That was 2016 though, and Keenum has a solid grip on that team for the time being. Bradford will be playing elsewhere in 2018.
Josh McCown Dynasty DadsJosh McCownJetsLook, McCown was signed by New York to just limp through 2017 and get them an early 1st round pick and a shot at a future franchise quarterback. Well, as with anything with the Jets, the plan failed miserably and Josh McCown had his greatest season ever. 38 years old, the rumors are swirling the Jets will keep him around to push a rookie or free agent QB.
Jay Cutler Dynasty DadsJay CutlerDolphinsJay Cutler's wife has made it publicly clear that she hopes he retires, something tells me he plays in 2018. Smokin' Jay won't sign anywhere as a QB2, so we may not see anything until the preseason, but Cutler doesn't seem like the type to leave money on the table.

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